Often this problem annoys us

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.

Web censorship has become a big issue for internet users today. It is a method practised by government and ISP’s to block sites related to piracy. However it cannot be denied that most sites today offer both pirated as well as free content. So ultimately blocking these websites is not the best solution as people who don’t intend to misuse pirated stuff face a lot of problem. An example of this can be related to the blocking of several file sharing sites in the past few years.

But now accessing blocked websites is even easier on android devices thanks to an free Netloop app. Apart from the basic VPN feature, the app even allows you to switch countries with ease, which makes it easy to bypass geographically blocked websites.


Download Link Click Here

Install in your Android Device.

Now open Netloop. 

Now Click on “CONNECT VPN” Button.

First Tick on checkbox “I trust this application” and now  Click on “OK” Button.

Now Tick on checkbox “Do not show this again” and now Click on close Button.

And when all the above process is completed successfully then open your Browser and you can easily access Blocked and Banned websites.